The AT SYSTEM™ - Institutional level automated trading system

For 10 years the Trader Central team has provided successful automated trading strategies exclusively for hedge funds and institutional investment houses.  We have now made these same automated strategies available to standard retail investors for free using our bespoke Expert Advisor on the MT4 platform.

Simply open a trading account with one of our industry leading FX partner, Iron FX, and in minutes you will start to benefit from the very same trading strategies that market makers have been using for years. Better still, you do not have to spend a single second on analysis or placing and managing trades. Our automated system trades your account for you 24 hours day…all you need to do is login in to monitor your account and withdraw your profits as you see fit.

●             Average 15% profit per month

●             No need to spend a single second placing or managing a trade

●             Zero knowledge or experience required to make profit

●             Absolutely free of charge when trading with our partners

●             Exclusive “Mean Reversion” strategy; volatility is your enemy, not your friend!

The Trader Central AT System™ is a bespoke automated trading system designed and developed by our team of highly skilled financial analysts, expert traders, knowledgeable algorithmic mathematicians and specialist software programmers. With over 150 years of combined experience at the highest levels our system has consistently delivered returns in the most extreme market conditions. For this reason our business with institutional clients continues to grow year on year and is now available to you with zero cost.

The AT System™ is a bespoke expert advisor we have developed for the MT4 platform. The actual strategy and programming that goes into this is a very closely guarded secret. To protect our strategies our clients simply house their MT4 accounts on our ultra-secure private servers. Our system automatically trades your account 24 hours a day without any need for you to place or manage a single trade, however, you still have complete control over your account. You can login and monitor it whenever you like, and you have sole control of making deposits or withdrawals as you please.

Our automated trading system is also tailored specifically to your exact risk profile. If you don’t know your risk profile simply complete our Suitability Test

To get the AT SYSTEM™ for free now simply open an account with our market premium partner Iron FX.


 The FOREX market is the largest and most liquid market in the world with over $4 trillion traded every day, $1.5 billion of which is traded by retail investors just like you. At the highest levels the vast majority of trades are placed using automated, or Quant, trading systems.

Although algorithmic trading systems have received some bad press for creating extreme, but short lived, market anomalies, they are by far the most profitable way for market makers to generate consistent profits. However, nearly 100% of retail investors try to follow the trend, believing the trend is the market maker. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, this is the exact reason that a staggering 95% of retail investors lose their trading capital in time.

 The Trader Central AT SYSTEM™ investment strategy is to generate consistent growth on the capital employed using a total-return model. The strategy uses automatic trading-models using only the most liquid currency pairs. Our various models have been developed and thoroughly tested by professional traders, maths specialists and expert financial analysts for use in real-time portfolios of trading systems based on their specific and pre-defined algorithms. The underlying system portfolio is also based on rules and pre-defined parameter usage e.g. pattern recognition and mean-reversion. Buy and sell signals are generated and automatically executed simultaneously by the system itself.

We do not use Martin-Gale or any other grid components. No get-rich-quick schemes or false hopes. With the AT System™ you get long term and consistent results.

 The AT System™ is very simply an Expert Advisor, or software program, that plugs into the MT4 trading platform. This software uses our bespoke strategies to constantly analyse the markets and spot the perfect trade based on a range of pre-defined parameters. Once the system spots a trade it automatically and instantly places and closes trades on your account. The AT System™ runs 24 hours a day while the world markets are open so you can be sure never to miss profit opportunities.

Every investor has their own risk and management profile and the system has been designed to cater for this. Once you have opened a trading account with one of our premium partners a Trader Central professional will be in touch to confirm your exact risk and money management parameters. These parameters are then applied to the AT System™ and attached to your trading account/s.

 Although there is no need to trade yourself with the AT System™ we strongly promote knowledge and development to help empower our clients and improve their overall investment strategies. At Trader Central we provide comprehensive training and education free of charge to all AT System™ clients. Whether you are a new trader or seasoned professional, constant education and development is an essential part of ensuring success and long term gain.