The AT System™ is very simply an Expert Advisor, or software program, that plugs into the MT4 trading platform. This software uses our bespoke strategies to constantly analyse the markets and spot the perfect trade based on a range of pre-defined parameters. Once the system spots a trade it automatically and instantly places and closes trades on your account. The AT System™ runs 24 hours a day while the world markets are open so you can be sure never to miss profit opportunities.

Every investor has their own risk and management profile and the system has been designed to cater for this. Once you have opened a trading account with one of our premium partners a Trader Central professional will be in touch to confirm your exact risk and money management parameters. These parameters are then applied to the AT System™ and attached to your trading account/s.

If you unsure of your risk profile please take a minute to complete our complimentary Suitability Test.

Obviously the structure of our trading strategies and the code of bespoke Expert Advisor is a closely guarded secret. Under no circumstances do we provide the underlying analysis or trade parameters, for use or assessment. Nor do we provide the physical copy of the Expert Advisor for you to plug in to your account yourself. To secure AT System™ your trading account is housed via one of our ultra-secure private servers. We complete this process for you so there is zero effort required to set this up. Once the trading account is active on our servers it is mirrored to the Expert Advisor and the system will start placing trades in seconds.