Open A Managed Capital Account & Earn up to 270% In One Year

Swiss Capital Market Ltd. is composed by a group of professionals that have the financial expertise in capital management. Our professionals provide fundamental strategies that build wealth in lucrative markets. Whether you are an individual with personal wealth goals or a business professional with business ideas, Swiss Capital Market Ltd. has the right account service for you.

Swiss Capital Market Ltd. offers a proprietary account service that is not offer by any other company. Our firm is designed for individuals and professionals that are seeking alternative payment options to supplement or offset their financial agenda. Swiss Capital Market Ltd. introduces the Managed Capital Shares Account.

What is this account?

The Managed Capital Shares Account is a unique private account service that provides a variety of income streams to our shareholders. This account was implemented to assist shareholders in creating, off-setting or receiving additional income that provides financial stability. The Managed Capital Shares Account works virtually with any industry and can offer our shareholders sound financial security to their personal or business agenda.

Our Guarantee

Swiss Capital Market Ltd. provides a 90 day membership money back guarantee to its shareholders. We guarantee to double your account in 90 days or your membership is free.

As our shareholder, you will enjoy receiving daily payments to your account earning a consistent residual income month after month.

Our partners are leading Brokers, all investments are insured within the European Union, earnings are withdrawn on monthly basis automatically where the investor or shareholder wants it. Taxes on earnings are 1.5% only. What do we invest in?

ETFs, Comodities, Forex majors, Stocks and Indicies. We are using an algorithmic trading technology based on price action. We are market veterans with over 10 years of expiriance and consistant results.

Join the best and change your financial future, open an account now and test us for 90 days.