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We believe that ultimate success comes from effective collaboration and collective knowledge. With this in mind we created our strategy partnerships. If you have developed a trading strategy that has proven results you can submit them for review. After rigorous testing if we choose to implement these strategies you can earn considerable sums each month.

We use many unique measurements to assess the viability of a trading strategy. Some of these are closely guarded but others we suggest you run against your strategy prior to submitting it.

These measurements are:

The actual percentage rate (-/+) of an investment over a predefined period of time using suggested asset classes (end strategy value/start strategy value – 1 * 100 = Return (%).

Calculated by taking the average daily returns (-/+) for a predefined period of time; the lower the volatility the lower the risk in the strategy.

This is a statistical measurement for highlighting historical volatility; the higher the standard deviation the more volatile the strategy.

This ratio illustrates the actual return weighted against the level of risk taken and is calculated by measuring the excess return (risk premium) per unit of deviation.

This figure indicates the maximum loss percentage of a particular strategy in a predefined historical trading period by calculating the difference between the maximum and minimum points. The maximum drawdown helps to further qualify the risk profile of a particular strategy.

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